living choices


A friend of mine is pondering where to live next. I remember those thoughts. Finding the perfect spot, the pressure, the decisions. Then one day- you realize that life is the same everywhere. Yes, surroundings are different, but really, you wake up, drink coffee, have your daily BM (hopefully), then move about your day, usually eating from the same choices you have been eating from for a long time, then come home, and do your night routine. I think choosing where to live comes down to the idea of not letting go of spontaneity and reconciling to yourself that spontaneous things lessen as you age .  Yes, you want the oceans and mountains, but this lifestyle we have concocted doesn’t allow for the time to go to those places even if they are in your backyard.  When they are in your backyard, your mortgage reflects it, and consequently, more work is needed to pay for the inflated home value- leaving even less time to go for that walk down the coast or up the trail to the peak.

I finally realized this and got over a glamorous zip code a few years back. I don’t want to live in a sea of beige houses so I can drive 40 minutes once a month to visit the beach. I want to be able to go outside everyday and see trees, and be able to work less so I can enjoy my time with my dear ones with a mortgage we can still afford.  I like the idea of family first then job second. I want to share the little daily moments with them, even if it means a humble zip code.  Here’s to a weekend enjoying your view from your kitchen window and those you surround yourself with.

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