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I knew China was making a lot of products.  This past Christmas my kids received the standard amount of plastic goods, all with the stamp on the bottom.  Everything it seems has the sticker or stamp. Let’s get this straight, I’m not an isolationist.  I’m not on an “all things American or else” kick. (Don’t worry; Americana décor is not going to overtake our site anytime soon, although Rach is cooking up something that is red, white, and blue- but calling it “French”).   What am I beginning to digest? Well, I’m starting to realize the magnitude of what other countries without regulations are doing to our environment. A great friend of mine went to Africa this summer, she said the Chinese were buying tracks of land and stripping them for the materials. Leaving the residents with nothing to subsist on.  I knew these practices were happening, but it takes a personal connection to be compelled to change. The list goes on of environmental atrocities that are occurring in the name of cheap product availability.

I cannot change the world, but I can make choices that perhaps can add up to be influential over time. My goal is to use all American made products when I create my jewelry boards. I want to support companies that follow the EPA policies and have OSHA standards. It’s better for everyone. I have found saw tooth hangers still made here (thanks woodworking parts and AMS), and hooks….but the nails. Did you know there are only two companies left in the states that make nails? A huge shout out to Independent Nail and Maze Nails. Thanks for your time on the phone and your brochure. Alas, the 5/8” linoleum nail that I seek is no longer made in this country.  If you have a lead please send it my way.

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