maker box

We personalize a Maker Box for your store.
You choose what you like, send back the rest (we even include a shipping label.)
We'll invoice you only for what you've kept!

  • OUR PIECES retail from $18-$42 for bracelets, $36-$72 for necklaces, $34-$52 for earrings.
  • If this price range is a fit for your shop, COMPLETE OUR STYLE SURVEY below, so we know what to send you.
  • PICK A DATE for your first maker box delivery (2 week lead time).
  • CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE pieces from the Maker Box.
  • SEND the rest back within 5 business days, using the included label.
  • WE INVOICE you for what you keep (free shipping for orders over $500 wholesale.)
  • EMAIL US when you're ready for your next Maker Box, or opt for auto-ship!